Ken Wilson | Author of “Too Amazing to Keep to Yourself”

“I don’t know how to communicate the gospel to a friend.”
“I’m afraid I’ll be rejected. What if I offend someone?”

Too Amazing to Keep to Yourself is all about personal evangelism, about bringing our friends to Christ in a way that is safe and winsome and respectful.  It covers the what, why, who, how, where, and when of personal evangelism, and it offers some suggested ways to overcome twelve common obstacles to sharing our faith.  This interactive guidebook will equip you with the message, skills, and passion to bring your friends to Christ – and keep them as friends.  Included are three sample gospel presentations, as well as chapters that describe:

  • Living out an ambassador’s commission
  • Interacting with other people as Jesus did
  • Becoming a fisher of people
  • Serving as a witness for Christ
  • Connecting with the power source of the Holy Spirit

This book is a great tool for both individuals and small groups.

Ken Wilson is a Christ-follower, a husband, and a dad.  He is the author of Too Amazing to Keep to Yourself andFinding God in the Bible, a graduate of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and a recipient of the Denman Evangelism Award.

His ministry experience includes parachurch organizations such as Navigators and Young Life, as well as local church leadership in evangelism, small groups, and missions.  He works as a bridge engineer and project manager with Michael Baker International, and he graduated from Cornell University and the University of Illinois with degrees in engineering.

Ken lives in Zelienople, Pennsylvania with his wife, Mimi, and they are the parents of two adult children, Becca and Andrew.  He enjoys being with friends, playing tennis, walking marathons, listening to music, and reading books.

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