Fostering Hope | Interview with Jonathan Reid

  Many see the foster care crisis and believe there is no hope for real change.  Many see an inevitably bleak future for the children in care. Many do…but not all. Fostering Hope envisions a different kind of future. We see a day when:  A culture of adoptive and foster care permeates the local church […]

The Women of Christmas | Liz Curtis Higgs

Prepare for the Savior to enter your heart in a fresh, vibrant way this sacred season, as you explore the biblical stories of Elizabeth, Mary, and Anna. A touching Bible study, wrapped in a beautiful gift book. “Breathtaking! The Women of Christmas is tender and joy filled and funny and faithful. I savored every word.” […]

Keith Getty: The Sounds of Christmas

Adam sits down to talk with Keith Getty, one of Christian music’s famous modern hymn writers, to talk about the sounds of Christmas. From carols, to traditional hymns, Keith explains the history of  Christmas music and the impact it has on the community of listeners.    Listen to the podcast by clicking the button below.  […]

The CRY We Must Never Forget by Dr. John DeBrine

Dear Faithful Supporters,  For many years (60-plus), I had the privilege of traveling all across America and overseas. The travel had an eternal purpose-preaching the Gospel. Once, while I was flying, the seat beside me was filled by a mother and her crying baby. We were in the air for an hour at least, and […]

Songtime Presents: Live On Location

Come and join us for a live recording of the Songtime broadcast. Songtime is doing its first ever “Live on Location” recording of the Songtime broadcast December 11, 2016 from 3PM-4PM at Christ Chapel in Centerville of Cape Cod. Following the formula of the Songtime radio program, this will be a time of live music […]