The CRY We Must Never Forget by Dr. John DeBrine

Dear Faithful Supporters, 

For many years (60-plus), I had the privilege of traveling all across America and overseas. The travel had an eternal purpose-preaching the Gospel. Once, while I was flying, the seat beside me was filled by a mother and her crying baby. We were in the air for an hour at least, and the baby was screaming. I did the unusual-I put the baby on my lap. The crying stopped! By the way, during my years in the pastorate, I had the privilege of performing many baby dedications. I never had a baby cry. Crying can be disturbing. However, there is one cry we rejoice over. In fact, it is history's most famous cry-that of the tiny babe born in a manger. That cry still echoes in your heart if you know Jesus.
For me, however, there is a cry of concern. Picture someone having a birthday party (maybe yours). We all come and bring presents, but there is one exception-no presents for the one having the birthday. That's what Christmas is like. Add up what you are spending for Christmas presents. Write the amount on one side of the paper and the amount you will give to Jesus on the other side. How does the scale balance?
I try to give to the Christ of Christmas as much as, if not more than I spend on presents.  Let me share a verse that greatly motivates me to put Jesus as number one in my Christmas giving.
"But thou shalt remember the Lord thy God: for it is He that
giveth thee power to get wealth.'' (Deuteronomy 8:18a KJV)
In other words, our money is on loan from God. In view of that, doesn't it make sense that Jesus should be on our gift list? How are you using your loan from God? Join with me as I give my support to the ministry of Songtime. Sing that little chorus as you write your check:
"With eternity's values in view, Lord. With eternity's values in view;
May I do each day's work for Jesus, with eternity's values in view."

Dr. John DeBrine
Songtime President Emeritus

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