Cape Cod Global Outreach

One of my favorite ministries here on the Cape, apart from Songtime and my local church, is the Cape Cod Global Outreach ministry run by Matt and Cathy Boyle. They have been on the broadcast many times before to talk about their work with the J1 Visa students that come to the Cape every year […]

Worship Changes Our Perspective By Adam Miller

“We need to gather with fellow believers and commit to holding one another accountable in directing our hearts and affections toward God and not the things of this world. ” Book Three of the Psalms is unique. Starting with Psalm 73, we see a collection of songs that were written from the perspective of worship […]

Why New England Is The New American Missional Frontier By Jared C. Wilson

“If there is an unreached people group in the United States, it is New Englanders.” Editor’s Note: After reading this article by Jared Wilson, previously posted on his blog at The Gospel Coalition, I was reminded of the challenges we have in serving New England and I was greatly encour- aged to see the call […]

Matthew Smith | Indelible Grace | Emotionally Honest Worship

This week on the Songtime Radio Broadcast we are interviewing Matthew Smith from Indelible Grace about corporate worship. Listen to the full interview here. Join us Saturday, June 24 at Christ Chapel for a seminar and concert with Matthew Smith Christ Chapel | 1200 Old Stage Road, Centerville, MA | Tickets: $8 in advance […]

Worship hands


  It’s not uncommon for many of us to walk away from a Sunday morning worship service relatively unmoved. Despite the fact that we gathered to worship the King of kings and Lord of lords, we are not always changed. Anyone who has ever been in a service where the Spirit of God was moving […]

Showing Honor On Mother’s Day (Even When It’s Hard) By Jen Wilkin

“Maybe you know someone aching to be a mother. Maybe you know a mother whose child will never wish her Happy Mother’s Day. Reach out to them with empathy and comfort.”  Mother’s Day is once again upon us, sending children of all ages scurrying to the greeting card aisle to find just the right sentiment […]

A Gospel For Prodigals By Adam Miller

“A deeper understanding and trust in the gospel message can give confidence to how we approach prodigals with the good news of Christ’s love.”  Let me offer a theory I have based on personal experience: mothers are some of the most intense prayer warriors that anyone could ever hope to have. I never need to […]

Daily Readings for Holy Week by Andreas Köstenberger

“Am I living a life that is attractive, and if need be, convicting, so that unbelievers may know that Jesus loves them and came to save them? This is the perennial challenge this Easter, and the rest of the year.” Matthew 21 PALM SUNDAY: JESUS ENTERS JERUSALEM (March 29, AD 33) Matt 21:1-11; Mark 11:1-10; […]

Worshiping God Every Day By Tim Chester

“The good news is that we can seek God and know God and enjoy God everywhere and every day.” Amos 5 I wonder if you ever feel a disconnect between Sunday morning and Monday morning? On Sunday you join God’s people in praising Him for who He is and what He’s done. Brilliant. But then […]

Praying Through The Sermon On The Mount By Adam Miller

“The Sermon on the Mount is welcoming us into the presence of God and showing us what it truly means to be a part of His Kingdom.” Matthew 5-7 The Lord’s Prayer is a passage of Scripture that just about anyone who self-identifies as a Christian can quote. Go ahead and close your eyes and […]

Adam’s Trip to Israel 2015

Rev. Adam Miller is the President and Host of Songtime and can be heard daily on the Songtime Radio Broadcast. Listen to his podcast by clicking the button below.  Also, if you enjoy our articles, would you consider making a donation to the Songtime ministry? We need your support! Click the donation button below, or […]