“Live Smart” | Adam Interviews Dan Dumas On His New Book

A Guide to Living Wisely While You’re Young As a professor and youth director, author Dan Dumas has seen that young people have high expectations for themselves. They want their lives to matter, and there’s no reason our expectations for them should be any different. This book presents practical tools and biblical advice to middle […]

Mark Boda: Interview About the Book “Return To Me”

“Return to me, says the LORD of hosts, and I will return to you,” (Zech 1:3 ESV). Repentance concerns the repair of a relationship with God disrupted by human sin. All the major phases of church history have seen diversity and controversy over the doctrine. The first of Luther’s famous ninety-five theses nailed to the […]

Hello Summer J1 Program On Cape Cod | Five Person Round Table With Adam Miller

Hello Summer J-1 is a collaboration between local churches seeking to create international friendships on Cape Cod. They exists to inform, help, and provide friendship opportunities for J-1 students seeking to engage in positive cultural exchanges while experiencing a safe and successful summer. Here are some testimonies of the J1 student’s experiences: “The openness of people […]

“Jesus Unmasked” | Book Interview With Todd Friel

  Listen to Todd’s podcast interview with Adam below. Also if you are interested in Todd’s book, click here.  Proof: The Bible is Supernatural If someone claimed that the Declaration of Independence is a brilliant document, all we need to do is study the Declaration itself to draw our own conclusion. Similarly, all we need […]

Interview with Dan Sered | “How a Jewish Christian Reads Hebrews”

 Dan Sered was born in Israel on Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. His upbringing, like that of many Israelis, was secular, though he was bar mitzvah at age thirteen. Two years later, his family moved to New York where Dan attended Stony Brook University and met Dinah, a Jewish believer in Jesus. Dinah shared […]

Albert Martin | Author of The Book “The Forgotten Fear”

  The fear of God is an important theme in the Bible, yet many Christians today overlook it or treat it carelessly. Fearing God is the soul of godliness, and those who claim to love God should desire to understand what it means to fear Him. The Forgotten Fear revisits this important topic. Author Albert […]

Amy Simpson | Interview with the Author of “Anxious”

  Our culture is frantic with worry. We stress over circumstances we can’t control, we talk about what’s keeping us up at night and we wring our hands over the fate of disadvantaged people all over the world, almost as if to show we care and that we have big things to care about. Worry […]

Don Macleod | Author of the book “Christ Crucified”

  How could the life, let alone the death, of one man 2,000 years ago be the salvation of the human race? The biblical explanation is the atonement: the crucified one was the Son of God, acting and suffering in cooperation with God the Father and God the Holy Spirit. The crucifixion of Jesus Christ […]