Hello Summer J1 Program On Cape Cod | Five Person Round Table With Adam Miller

Hello Summer J-1 is a collaboration between local churches seeking to create international friendships on Cape Cod. They exists to inform, help, and provide friendship opportunities for J-1 students seeking to engage in positive cultural exchanges while experiencing a safe and successful summer.

Here are some testimonies of the J1 student's experiences:

"The openness of people impressed me so much. The level of trust to absolutely foreign people like part of a community, part of a family. Back at home you're like a stranger. Nobody cares about you, everybody is like wolves, in 'survival mode.' This principle operates stronger every year in my country. Here (in Cape Cod) I am a foreign person but treated like I belong...."
Sasha (Russia)

"I loved it. I made new friends. Truly amazing what you do. It will bring good fruit. It's truly a powerful the ministry what you do."
- Evgeniy (Moldova)

"I loved the dinner. It was fun. Games, music, and serious things like road rules. Lots of guests. Thank you very much."
- Kamilya (Russia)

Listen to Adam's round table podcast interview with the Hello Summer J1 Committee below. Also if you are interested in their ministry, click here.