Ginny Owens | Singer, Songwriter, Performer

“The singer-songwriter in me knows life is intense. It just is, a lot of the time. I find that as I talk to people at shows, their lives parallel that. They want to tell me their stories of tragedy. And a lot of times those stories end with, ‘This song of yours really helped me get through that.’ I want to speak into the midst of people’s pain, or whatever they’re going through, as best I can.”

Lately, the pop music landscape has been crowded with songs of escapism, songs that turn a deaf ear to daily reports of terrorist strikes, ethnic warfare and economic injustice affecting people in other parts of the world, as well as race-based violence closer to home. Ginny Owens wasn’t about to perpetuate that musical disconnect on her eighth studio album, I Know a Secret (Released November 10 on Chick Power Music / Word / Warner). Instead, she’s crafted a 14-song collection for this moment, every bit as engaged as it is introspective.

Born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi, Owens discovered melodies on the piano before she could complete a sentence. As her vision began to leave her eyes–a degenerative eye condition left Ginny completely blind by age three–songs began to emerge from her fingertips, providing a window into the world for Owens. Despite her physical challenge, the illustrious songstress pursued a career in music. Her unique musical style and inspirational lyrics have transcended genre definition, endearing her to Christian and mainstream listeners alike to afford her audiences at the White House, the Sundance Film Festival, Lilith Fair and a rare performance at the 60th Annual National Day of Prayer in Washington, D.C.

A lot’s happened since Owens began her recording career. During the past seven years alone, she’s completed her label contract with Michael W. Smith’s Rocketown Records and started releasing albums on her own tiny indie label; spent nine months in New York City studying writing at Columbia and teaching songwriting at a middle school; returned home to Jackson to nurse her mother through breast cancer; lost both her grandmother and a beloved cousin to brain cancer; and expanded her understanding of music’s power to unite people and lift their spirits as one in a new role as church worship leader.

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