MEM: The Stuart Family | Waltham Church Plant

"As the Father sent me, I am sending you."

John 20:21


Jeremy, Liana, and Noelle

We met at church on Cape Cod. That day, I (Jeremy) was visiting my mom's church where Liana led worship. After hearing her sing, I experienced the closest thing to "love at first sight"—or love at first sound. Sharing a passion for the gospel and Jesus, we bonded quickly and were married two years later in 2012. Recently, we welcomed the newest addition to our family, Noelle Katharine, and are enjoying the roller-coaster ride of parenting together. 

Currently, we lead a home group at the Village Church in Dallas, Texas, where Liana also serves on the worship team. Before leaving Massachusetts to attend Dallas Theological Seminary, I served as an administrator, organizing a new worship ministry for our church and also as a singer on the worship team. Liana has served in youth, children's and worship ministry. 

We both share a love for our home in Massachusetts and have a deep-rooted desire to see the gospel spread through church planting and displayed through caring leadership. Having spent three years in Dallas, training through seminary and the local church, we are eager to return home and pursue our Massachusetts Mission.

You could drop a pin practically anywhere on a map of Massachusetts, and it would land in a community where 94% of the population do not know Jesus.

For many communities, this is a conservative estimate. With a percentage this high, it's likely that some of the population don't even know a Christian. I didn't know one personally until I was twenty-one. The evident need for church planting in Massachusetts requires little argument. For this reason, our family will be moving back to Massachusetts in August 2016.

Called Home

Having grown up in Massachusetts on Cape Cod, Liana and I have an inherent love for the area and the people. Shortly after trusting Jesus in the summer of 2009, I felt called to ministry in our home area. In 2013, we moved to Dallas to attend Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS), with the intention of returning home to take-part in church planting. 

Seven Mile Road, Waltham

We met Clint Patronella at a missions meeting at the Village Church while looking for a church home during our first few weeks in Dallas. At that time, he was a Home Groups Pastor there and his goal was to plant a church in the Boston area. Serving as home group leaders at the Village, we got to know Clint well. After watching his plans progress and praying for direction, the Lord's orchestration in the matter became clear and we decided to join in the mission. 

I have been endorsed by the North American Mission Board (NAMB) as a missionary to Waltham, Massachusetts to work with Clint as a Church Planting Intern for one year, beginning in September 2016. The purpose of this is two-fold—to share in some of the labor of planting of Seven Mile Road, Waltham, and to gain the training needed and clarification of our own call to plant a church. Having left for Dallas with the intent to return and plant a church on or near Cape Cod, this internship is the next step in that goal, as I finish my last year of seminary, train, and Liana and I continue to discern God's calling of when, where, and how.  

We aspire to share the hope of Christ in Waltham and form true, lasting friendships with both believers and non-believers.

Relocating to the Greater Boston area will be an adjustment in many ways. The partnership and support of the community of God are invaluable to us, as we venture out to share the gospel and make disciples in Waltham and beyond. Below are three ways you can partner with us: 

  • Give
  • Pray
  • Tell
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