MEM: Matt Nowery | Samaritan’s Purse – Iraq

Matthew Nowery began working with Samaritan’s Purse in 2005. He spent five years working with the persecuted church in Sudan. There he spent time researching and documenting the atrocities committed against the Sudanese church by the government of the North. He used that information to develop a program that enabled the construction of churches that had been destroyed in the civil war, as well as a seminary to train up new pastors to replace those who had been martyred. More importantly, it was here that the persecuted Sudanese taught him what it means to walk with God.

In 2010, Matthew was re-assigned to northern Iraq where he managed the Fountain of Love community centre. In August 2014, the SP-northern Iraq office was established to meet the overwhelming needs of the people who had fled ISIS persecution. Matthew serves as the Country Director of SP-Northern Iraq and lives in Erbil with his wife, Sarah and their children, Ezra and Macy.

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