MEM: Doug Tunney | YWAM Boston

In 2006 a team of 6 were sent out from YWAM Pittsburgh with prayers and affirmation to begin a new work in Boston.

Doug and Debi Tunney, Jeremy and Kandia Tunney, Jessica Spooner, and Jessi Cieply were the pioneers who took on the challenge, and committed themselves to God's purposes here in Boston. It was an exciting challenge to plant a missionary outreach and training center in this city. Since then, this team has grown to 28 staff and now has a multi-focused ministry to the people of Boston, New England and to the Nations.

Our first Creative Arts in worship DTS was held in 2008 in half of a duplex home apartment in Newton, MA. Since then we have moved from place to place as our schools grew and to accommodate our growing staff. In 2011 after praying and listening, God revealed to us what would be our very own building. Located in Somerville, this building was an old funeral home owned by the Cataldo family. The building is over 120 years old and has been used as a Nursing School (called Fischer Nursing School) and as the Cataldo funeral home. At 4 floors and 23,000 sq feet we were all envisioning the incredible things that could happen here! Worship nights, schools of evangelism, our own place for Joshua Generation, DTS, art shows, coffee shops...our dreams were, and still are, endless! We can house, train and send missionaries all over the world.

Doug is a born pioneer and evangelist and has been operating and teaching in that capacity since he came to know Jesus as his savior as a young man. He has run his own business, worked as a youth pastor, started crisis pregnancy centers, pioneered YWAM Pittsburgh and YWAM Boston. Doug has developed a follow up guide for those who give their lives to Christ after a large outreach. As well as a teaching on apologetics called The ten most common objections to Christianity teaching

Doug's stories and experience from around the world are invaluable and incredibly inspiring. He will impart to you a true understanding of God’s commandment for us to “go into all the world and preach the Good News”.

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