MEM: Brother Musa & Chris Phillips | Missions to Muslims

 As a young man, Musa dropped out of school to join a gang in Nairobi. By God’s grace, he was redeemed from that destructive life when one day the gang went to rob a church. Musa was convicted by the preacher’s words and wanted to know more about God. In time, he committed his life to the Lord and to full-time ministry. In 1998, Musa began the ministry of Mchungaji Kundi Moja (“Shepherd of One Flock”). 

Mchungaji Kundi Moja (MKM) was established to plant churches among the unreached people groups of Kenya. Their focus is Muslim outreach and community development in East Africa and the Sahel. Holistic outreach includes digging bore wells, teaching better farming techniques, and schools for children and teens. Partners International began partnering with MKM in 2007. Musa's passion is to reach the unreached peoples of northern Kenya and the African Horn.

If you would like to Follow Musa, you may text MUSA to 51-555 on your cell phone. 

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