MEM: Andy Keener | Wycliffe Bible Translators – Senior Director of Global Partnerships

Andy and Lori Keener serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators. They grew up in Pennsylvania and were called into the ministry of Bible translation around the age of 20. They first served in Central America, researching Bible translation needs among Caribbean people that speak Creole languages. Later, they spent 9 years serving the Teribe people in the jungles of northwestern Panama, where together with a group of mother-tongue translators, they translated the New Testament and portions of the Old Testament. Since that time, Andy has served in various leadership roles, both in the Americas and in Sign Language Bible translation for the Deaf worldwide. Today, Andy serves as the Senior Director of Global Partnerships for Wycliffe, building relationships with churches, denominations, and Bible translation agencies in countries around the world, so that Wycliffe can serve them as they seek to see God’s Word made available in the communities and languages where they minister.

Andy and Lori have four children, Josh (22), Ben (21), Elli (19), and Rachel (16).

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