Matthew Smith | Indelible Grace | Emotionally Honest Worship

This week on the Songtime Radio Broadcast we are interviewing Matthew Smith from Indelible Grace about corporate worship. Listen to the full interview here.

Join us Saturday, June 24 at Christ Chapel for a seminar and concert with Matthew Smith

Christ Chapel | 1200 Old Stage Road, Centerville, MA |

Tickets: $8 in advance | $10 at the door | Contact | (508) 420-1200

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4:30PM | Seminar | Emotionally Honest Worship

Come join Matthew Smith, songwriter and founding member of the Indelible Grace community, for a one-hour conversation about hymns. During the seminar, Matthew will share his story of how he came to write new music to centuries-old hymn texts and why hymns are an example of emotionally honest worship. Much of the time will be open for a Q&A discussion, interacting with your questions. Recommended for (but not limited to!) pastors, worship leaders, church musicians, and songwriters.

6:30PM | Concert | Indelible Grace Music

About Matthew Smith

Matthew Smith is a Nashville-based singer-songwriter who writes brand new music to centuries-old hymn texts. He is a founding member of the Indelible Grace community, whose work has drawn acclaim across denominational lines and is used in churches around the world. Born out of a college ministry, the reimagined hymns have found wide acceptance both among college students and the church at large, joining people who desire to honor tradition with those who want a modern musical approach. His latest album is Hiding Place.

Sample Music

To hear samples of Matthew Smith’s music, visit his website at