Joel Kilpatrick of Christian Satire Website “Lark News”

“I always loved humor, but the popularity of LarkNews surprised me,” he says. “I didn’t realize how much God and other people like funny stuff. I launched it as a hobby and it promptly consumed my career.”

Joel Kilpatrick is the founder of and after earning two bachelor’s degrees summa cum laude at U.C. Davis in 1994, and a master’s degree from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism in 1995 Joel took the editorship of a very small newspaper in northern California and worked as a regional columnist. He then joined the flagship magazine of the Assemblies of God, becoming the youngest member of the editorial staff in its 90-year history, which required this native West-coaster to spend four years in Missouri.

In 2000, Kilpatrick returned to California to be a full-time freelance writer and felt “bothered” by the Holy Spirit to start a satirical website aimed at Christians. After resisting the nudge, he launched in 2003. It quickly gained a national audience.

If you heard his interview on the radio and want to learn more about Joel and LarkNews, you can check out his website here