Fernando Ortega | Singer, Songwriter

After 15 years, 12 albums, and five record labels, classically-trained pianist/singer-songwriter Fernando Ortega continues to make beautiful, inspirational music that follows his family's long tradition of artistic talent. His ancestors were artisans and weavers and helped shape him into the articulate and creative musician that he is today.

At the heart of his appeal is a complex combination rare in contemporary Christian music-Ortega is a storyteller, worship leader, artist and vocalist of unparalleled talent. As a vocalist, he has been described by critics as gifted, unusually engaging, and refreshingly original. As a worship leader, he has established himself as a champion of the classic hymns of the church, insisting that our praise needs to carefully balance experiential and theological reflection. And as a story-teller, Fernando Ortega has written and recorded songs that are both unnervingly intimate and universal in appeal, lifting listeners both into and beyond themselves, moving them into stark personal reflection, joyful adoration, and praise.


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