Equipping The Many Voices By Adam Miller

“To be a part of the many voices, to truly be a minister of the gospel, you must take up the call to share Jesus Christ in your community.”

When I became the president of Songtime two years ago, the ministry had a debt of $200,000. At the time, I thought that my role was to put the ministry to rest in a way that honored the legacy of our founder, Dr. John DeBrine. But this last December we were all surprised to discover that God had once again provided for this ministry and due to your support we finished our year with a $100,000 surplus. This was a clear sign from God that our ministry had a place and purpose, that we were on the right track, and that God would provide as we moved forward to do His will.

Songtime’s motto is:

 “Many Voices, One Message.”

That theme has always impressed me as our call to action. Songtime exists to bring the many voices together for the one message of Jesus Christ. We exist in the Northeast because this is where we are most needed.

For those of you within the Northeastern states, you are undoubtedly aware of the challenges Christians face in an increasingly hostile culture. Those of you outside of our area need only look to the Northeast to see where the rest of this country is headed without the central convictions of a local Church at the center of its community.

According to the Barna Research Group, eight of the top ten post-Christian cities are in the Northeast (the other two being in California). Five of those cities are in New England (the other three being in New York). Pew Research suggest that the evangelical population in the Northeast (including Pennsylvania and New Jersey) is only at 13%. That is half of the evangelical population of the Midwest, nine points lower than the evangelical population of the West, and almost a third of the evangelical population of the South. Those listed as Non-Religious in the Northeast almost double the evangelical population at 25%. Also according to Pew Research, the five least religious states in the U.S. were in New England (Rhode Island is the only one not at the bottom, listed at # 35). Church Relevant found 49 of the 100 least evangelical counties were in the Northeast (the others mostly clustering around Utah where Mormonism in predominant). Each of these counties are under 3% evangelical whereas the national average is above 23%.

The gospel first reached the shores of America by way of New England and for many years, the Northeast was the center for gospel missions. But New England has not lost its fervor in evangelism. The message, however, has changed. Now the fastest growing religion in the U.S., which has found its home in New England, is Secular Humanism.

Songtime will not be able to make a direct difference in New England for the gospel. Your neighbors are not likely to tune in to the Christian radio station, sign up for our newsletter, or attend our annual Bible conference. The only way that Songtime can make a difference in New England is through you.

You, as a member of a local Church, are a part of the many voices. Ephesians 4 tells us that it is the responsibility of pastors, teachers, and evangelists to equip the saints to do the work of the ministry. You are not only the many voices, you are the ministers of the gospel. Our ministry is indirectly related to building up the Church. We can only do that inasmuch as our efforts build you up in your walk with Christ. To be a part of the many voices, to truly be a minister of the gospel, you must take up the call to share Jesus Christ in your community.

This is our commitment to you. Every day we will strive to bring the best quality of Bible teachers to our radio program to equip you to do the work of the ministry. Every month we will select a new book offer; a trusted resource that will help you love the Lord your God with all of your heart, soul, and mind. Every year we will host our annual conferences here in the Northeast to bring powerful teaching, inspiring worship, and heart-warming fellowship to strengthen the Church for another year of hard labor in the mission field.

But none of this will build up the Church if you do not benefit from it and utilize it for your spiritual growth. What will you commit to do? This is your call to action, to make the most of what God has given you and use it for the furtherance of His kingdom in the hearts of man. The statistics are daunting, but you have been blessed to be a blessing.