Songtime has made some major changes to its ministry in order to better serve the mission to reach New England and the Northeast with gospel-centered resources.

Going off the air on WROL

This was one of the most difficult decisions we have made as a ministry. WROL was the first radio station to carry the Songtime broadcast over 54 years ago. After failing to meet our financial obligations to the station and constantly getting deeper in debt with a monthly deficit, we prayerfully considered our options. Our convictions have led us to conclude that it would be unwise to accumulate further debt to the station and that it was time to go off the air on WROL. The weekend edition of Songtime can still be heard, however, on WEZE-590AM in Boston on Sunday Mornings at 10:30AM.

We are working to find new ways to reach our Boston audience, but for now the week day program can still be heard online through our website (here) and through the other stations who carry our broadcast in the surrounding area. Please visit our station list to find a broadcast signal near you (Station List).

Dropping down to a half-hour broadcast

It has been the desire of our leadership to best utilize our time, talents, and your treasures and to encourage and equip our community of Songtime supporters with the best resources to further the gospel in New England and the Northeast. In an effort to cut our cost and better manage our time with a limited staff, we have decided to change the hour long broadcast to a half-hour program.

This decision also came after much prayer and discussion, but ultimately, it was decided after going off the weekday broadcast on WROL, the hour long program was requiring a great deal of time and commitment to record while only reaching a small portion of our audience. For most of our listeners nothing will change as there were only a handful of stations who carried our full hour program.

These changes will allow us to focus more of our time on future ministries, our publications and conferences in particular.

We believe that these changes will help us to further our mission in both the present and the future. Be assured that every dollar given will truly add to the long term life and health of our ministry. Please consider partnering with us to reach New England and the Northeast with the message of the Gospel.


You can direct your questions to our general email address (