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When he knelt at the altar as a boy and gave his heart and life to the Lord, Brian had no idea that God had gifted him with an incredible ability to sing.  Although he was exposed to music as he grew up in the church, it was not until he was twenty-three that his voice was revealed.  Since that time, Brian has been singing from his heart the praises of Jesus Christ.

A great deal has happened since that time.  Brian has emerged as one of the finest voices in inspirational Christian music.  his dramatic solo interpretations thrill, inspire and move his listeners.  Whether Brian is ministering in his hometown church, or sharing in the national ministries of Youth for Christ, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, In Touch Ministries, Love Worth Finding, Turning Point Ministries or others, Brian's vocal quality is matched only by depth and sincerity of his spirit.  His genuine love for God, his family and those around him is evident in all that he does. 

Since beginning his full-time ministry 24 years ago, Brian has completed seven solo recordings.   These recordings minister to the hearts and souls of all who hear them and have been played across the country on numerous radio stations. Although Brian is skilled musician, he is first and foremost a music minister.  Nearly every week of the year Brian can be found leading worship and offering solo concerts and special music across the country. Brian believes "authentic worship and praise is an expression of what Christ is doing in your heart". "We can do that through old songs and new songs".

Totally committed to spreading the gospel, his daily goal is to encourage others, through music, to make Jesus Christ the center of their lives.

Truly Brian Arner personifies Exodus 15:2: 



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