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"What kinds of songs should we use to praise a God who has revealed himself to us in Scripture as one God in three persons? At the very least, they should inspire gratefulness and amazement that God the Father has joined us to himself through the substitutionary sacrifice of his Son and sent his Spirit to open our eyes to his love." - Sovereign Grace Music

"I currently serve as the Director of Sovereign Grace Music for Sovereign Grace Churches. In that role I seek to equip pastors and musicians in the theology and practice of congregational worship, and oversee  Sovereign Grace Music albums. It’s a joy to be one of the elders at Sovereign Grace Church of Louisville, KY, led by CJ Mahaney. Our first public meeting was Sept. 30, 2012.

I grew up as a Roman Catholic and planned to become a missionary priest in a third world country. Didn’t happen. When I was a freshman in college, someone from Campus Crusade (now CRU) shared the Gospel with me and for the first time I realized that the death of Jesus on the cross paid for ALL my sins. I turned from my sin and put my complete trust in Jesus Christ to save me from God’s wrath. After receiving a piano performance degree from Temple University in 1976, I traveled for 8 years with the contemporary Christian group GLAD, as a song writer, speaker, and arranger. I left the group in 1984, but continued writing and arranging for them until 2007. Our most well known recording is The A Cappella Project, released in 1988.

I left GLAD in 1984 to pursue active involvement in the local church. In 1985, I went on staff at a church in Fairfax, Virginia, and in 1991, moved to help start what is now Crossway Community Church in Charlotte, NC.  I moved to Covenant Life Church in Gaithersburg, Maryland in 1997 to serve in my present role as Director of Sovereign Grace Music.  In June of 2012, I moved one more time , this time to Louisville, KY with Sovereign Grace Churches, and also to help plant Sovereign Grace Church of Louisville.

I’ve been married to Julie since August of 1976, and we have six children (four of whom are married), and seventeen grandchildren (although that number is always changing). The picture above was taken in November of 2013."

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