Matt & Cathy Boyle -Hello Summer J1

This week Adam is talking to Matt & Cathy Boyle from Hello Summer J1 Ministry It is a program reaching foreign students that come to the U.S. on the J1 student work visa for the summer. Learn more about this great ministry at:    To donate click above

LTJA: The One Who Conquers Death By Adam Miller

“Jesus not only conquered spiritual death by giving us faith and the Spirit of God to live inside of us, He also conquered our soul’s death by dying in our place so that we wouldn’t have to face the judgment alone.” Have you ever had a life- threatening moment where you thought you were about […]

Voice Of the Martyrs -Todd Nettleton

  Today and all next week Adam is talking to To Todd Nettleton. He is the Director of Media and Public Relations for The Voice of the Martyrs and host of VOM Radio. Todd serves as a voice for persecuted Christians, working with the media to tell people in the United States about the faithfulness of […]

A Review of The Film Risen By Adam Miller

“…When it ventures to connect the fictionalized plot with the actual Gospel accounts of the death and resurrection of Jesus it starts to bend the truth with the proposed narrative.” Ever since seeing the movie Ben Hur when I was a kid, I was fascinated with the idea of telling the stories behind the scenes […]

The Game of Life

If you heard the classic Game of Life segment on our weekend broadcast and would like to here the whole piece you can! Click here and go to the archive and look for the February 6th broadcast.

Do Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God

Today we sit down with Adam Fransico, Professor of Historical Theology at Concordea Seminary to talk about the question Do Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God. We discuss the origins of the question and how to respond to it.  If you would like to hear the whole interview you can check out our podcast here.  […]

A Review of Rejoicing In Christ By Micah Lovell

“We’ve made of Him an appetizer when in reality He is the main course” Michael Reeves’ Rejoicing In Christ is not a large book, but it is rich, and packed with illustrations, both figuratively and literally, that serve to draw our attention to something we often overlook: the glory, the majesty and the reality of […]

LTJA: The Word Made Flesh By Adam Miller

“We, who should matter very little, who were in every right the very enemies of God, were blessed with God Himself meeting us on our own level” After spending our Christmas season in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke to get the historical account of the birth of Jesus Christ, it is interesting to note […]

Sharing Jesus with Muslims

Today on Songtime Adam is talking to Fouad Masri the founder and president of Crescent Project. A ministry dedicated to reaching out to Muslims. They will be talking about ways to convey the good news to Muslims. To hear Adam’s full interview with Fouad check out our podcast. If this ministry sounds familiar to you it […]

LTJA: The One and Only By Dr. James Merritt

“Spending one year with Jesus can transform your life” I fell in love with Jesus in a most unlikely place: a movie theater. Most people who call themselves Christians say their magic moment came in a church service or a spiritual conversation with a friend or perhaps at a tent revival with their feet crunching […]

Jesus Is Not Safe By Rev. Adam Miller

“If Jesus were safe, He could not have crushed Satan, conquered sin, and killed our old nature” Now Jesus and His disciples went out to the towns of Caesarea Philippi; and on the road He asked His disciples, saying to them, “Who do men say that I am?” So they answered, “John the Baptist; but […]

Our website is back up… sort of.

If you come to our site often you probably noticed we have been having a bit of a problem. many features of our site would stop working at times and the whole site would go down. This began to happen a lot right at the end of last year. Well, last week our I.T. department […]