History of Songtime

Dr. John DeBrine, Founder and President Emeritus, has been used by God to preach the Word over the radio for over 60 years.  Prior to his full time involvement with Songtime, Dr. DeBrine served eleven years as the pastor at Ruggles Street Baptist Church in Boston.


He started his radio ministry in the 1950’s as an outreach of his church to introduce the public to their ministry.  In 1964, he left the pastorate to dedicate his efforts to the daily broadcast of Songtime USA.  The early broadcasts had a unique format, incorporating and integrating the use of musical segments with Biblical teaching segments.  That same format continues to have a powerful impact today.  Dr. DeBrine was also very involved in Youthtime and Youth for Christ, two ministries that had a profound impact on the youth of that era. 

His educational background includes Houghton College, The University of Rochester, and Boston University.  He holds a Master’s Degree in Communications from Boston University, and an Honorary Doctorate from Houghton College.

John has earned the 50-year lifetime achievement award by the National Religious Broadcasters for his faithful dedication to preaching and teaching the Word for over half a century.


Early in 2013, at the age of 88, Dr. DeBrine had a fall and broke his hip.  At that time, he had been mentoring a young man, Adam Miller, who was working as Songtime’s office manager.  Adam stepped into the role, believing it to be temporary, but it soon became evident that John would be unable to continue broadcasting full time, and he began doing only the weekend programs.  Adam has become the new “voice” of Songtime, as John took on the role of President Emeritus with a supporting and advisory role.

Songtime moved to Cape Cod in the 1980’s and worked out of a building on Attuck’s Lane in Hyannis.  As time went on, the operation moved to Route 6A in Yarmouth Port and now in downtown Hyannis where it is currently located. The staff consists of Adam Miller as host, Mark Shrauger as program producer, Cheryl Moos as office administrator, Jesse Robbins as office assistant and Graphic Designer, and a number of volunteers who help with mailings and other formidable tasks.

Over the years, Songtime has held numerous events, including weekend conferences, retreats, and trips.  Currently you can hear Songtime on over 45 stations throughout the Northeast and streaming online.