Dear Songtime Supporters,

We are in urgent need of your prayer and support.

This year has been amazing--one of the most exciting years of my life and certainly the most exciting year of my time here at Songtime. We began the year with a financial surplus that helped us get through the early lean months without falling behind on our bills. In the past few months, however, we have started to get behind on our payments, and it is becoming difficult to meet our operating costs.

We also have some great news: We are moving our offices into a bigger building for less rent. This will save us in the long run while providing more room to expand our ministry, but it comes with some extra upfront costs.


This is our missions emphasis month and we would like you to consider Songtime in your mission giving. New England is one of the hardest mission fields in the US, and the secular trends that have started here are already affecting the rest of the country. Help us keep the gospel on the airwaves in this critical front-line ministry.

Would you prayerfully consider what you could give to support the LORD’s work during this urgent time?

Thank you for your prayers and support.


God bless,

Adam Miller


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Songtime President and Host