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July 2015 - Building a Church that is Worthy of the Gospel by Adam Miller

June 2015 - A Life that is Worthy of the Gospel by Adam Miller

May 2015 - The Story Behind Many Voices, One Message by Dr. John DeBrine

April 2015 - A Daily Reading For Holy Week by Adam Miller

March 2015 - The fruit of the Gospel by Adam Miller

February 2015 - What is the Gospel by Dr. Harry Ironside

January 2015 - Memories on the Road to 90! by Dr. John DeBrine
Living Worthy of the Gospel by Adam Miller 

November 2014 - The Blessing of a Transformed Life (Part II)
A Special Request from John DeBrine
Three Troubling Trends in Christian Media 

October 2014 - Blessed to Bless Others

September 2014 - The Blessing of a Transformed Life

August 2014 - A Faith that Moves Mountains by Adam Miller

July 2014 - Putting the Joy Back into Life by Donald Hubbard

June 2014 - The Blessing of Adoption by Adam Miller

May 2014 - The Believer and an Intolerant Culture by Donald Hubbard

April 2014 - The Blessing of Suffering with Christ

November 2013 - Explainable only by God by John DeBrine

October 2013 - The Real Deal! by John Nieder

September 2013 - Renewed for Revival

August 2013 - 40 Days Through Revelation: Postscript by Dr. Ron Rhodes

July 2013 - The Sleeping Giant

June 2013 - 3 Looks That Will Change Your Life

May 2013 - Many Voices, One Message, a Clear Vision for the Future

March 2013 - Living As Exiles In Our Own Land

February 2013 - A Call to be Humanly Unexplainable 

January 2013 - Failed Alternative Solutions 

November 2012 - Diagnose and Prescribe Biblically

October 2012 - Destination: Heaven

September 2012 - A Call to Beware

August 2012 - You Can Trust Biblical Prophecy & When Life Strikes a Minor Chord 

July 2012 - A Call for Postponement

June 2012 - The Father with a Future

May 2012 - The Mother God Blesses 

March 2012 - The Danger of Reversing

February 2012 - Some Things God Hasn't Done

January 2012 - A Tragedy of Epic Proportions