Bible Book-a-Month

Bible Book-a-Month

The "Bible Book-a-Month" program is designed to help provide the church with sound biblical doctrine.

The Bible Book-a-Month is made up of solid bible teachings from some of the best preachers the Lord has provided.

These studies are book overviews that provide a sound framework for personal Bible study. The historical, political, social, and spiritual context are established, providing solid foundation in your knowledge of God's Word. These studies are intended to compliment the working of the local church. It is our prayer that you will grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, and that you will in turn build up and stengthen your local body. 

This is a monthly subscription and requires calling the office to be enrolled in the program. Call 508-362-7070 to sign up today. 

ATTN: By purchasing this product online, you will only receive a one time set of the Bible Book-a-Month. To sign up for the monthly subscription at $12 a month, you must call into the office. Thank you. 

All donations go toward production costs and broadcast fees of the Songtime Radio program. Songtime USA is 100% supported by our listening audience. 

Donation Amount:

Donate: USD12.00
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