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Humans in general tend to be creatures of extremes. Everyone talks about balance, but most vacillate on a pendulum either to the right or left of plumb. People are hot or cold, happy or sad, excited or depressed. For some reason the illusive dream of being right on target never seems securely in our grasp.

I fear that this is also true as we approach the topic of evangelism. The extreme pendulum approach as it relates to souls can be deadly. Have you ever observed the gospel gunslinger? To this person, sinners are targets who are attacked with blazing gospel clichés with little regard for tact or diplomacy.

We have all been turned off by those who feel compelled to cram the Gospel into every person they contact regardless of how uncouth their approach may be. These people can potentially do more harm than good, but they have soothed their conscience by fulfilling their “Christian” duty. The idea that their victim may totally disconnect from any further contact with the Gospel because of their lack of discretion is never considered.

However, it is equally disappointing to watch a “Casper milquetoast” Christian. You know. The non-confrontational, apologize-for-sharing-life-changing-truth person. Perhaps you have personally witnessed a situation where the Gospel could have been effectively shared but fear, lack of ability or even unconcern ruled the day.

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All this week Adam will be talking to Songtimes good friend Donald Hubbard. He is a great Bible teacher and has a wealth of experience. Dr. Hubbard is also our key note speaker for our Lancaster, PA conference in November. You wont want to miss the broadcast this week or the conference in November if your in the Lancaster area. 


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